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A simple seeker. Trying to apply my knowledge to help perserve indigenous people, habitat, and genetic resources. www.indigenousknowledgeproject.org

Tanzania, Katesh
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Indigenous Knowledge Project
UC Davis

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I'm passionate about

Assisting indigenous communities grappling with climatic change and globalization to achieve food sovereignty by increasing local, diversified food access and nutrition.

An idea worth spreading

My life's goal to help establish participatory plant breeding programs that incorporate wild-type varieties and local Traditional Knowledge. I aim to breed crops with the participation of local community members within the larger context of organic, sustainable farming systems. I am specifically interested in engaging women and youth in the collection, characterization, and selective breeding of local germplasms to achieve food security. By integrating their Traditional Knowledge I hope to empower the community in the management of their plant genetic resources. Furthermore, by emphasizing the value of local traits and crops can help communities adapt to climate change and conserve local biodiversity.

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plant genetics, crop diversification, intellectual property, biological conservation, food security, indigenous survival, Tanzania, permaculture, genetic resources, cultural misappropriation


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