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About Me

Software Developer, Project Manager, an Entrepreneur and more. Working on developing web applications, enterprise solutions, online services, and any (non-software related) new ideas that are fresh and unique.

I am always looking for new ways to help and support the less-lucky people. I started Hope Window initiative to help people in need, the pace is slow, but hopefully soon it will be faster and more effective.

Jordan, Amman
Current organization:
Tech Spaceship
Past organizations:
Hope Window (NPO), Hashtag Debates
Current role:
Managing Partner
Areas of expertise:
Software - Development, Ideas generation, problem solving & prevention, Web Design / Web Development, Software Product Management, Software Project Management, Entrepeneurship, Team Leadership and Development, Software Consultancy
Arabic, English
My website links:
Tech Spaceship, Hope Window
Balqa'a Applied University

TEDx Organizer

More About Me

I'm passionate about

Robotics (I'm a spectator, never programmed one by myself).
Spreading technology among people who do not have enough access to it.


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