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About Me

Bright is a Director at the West African think tank - IMANI Center for Policy & Education, and President of the mPedigree Network, an mHealth initiative aimed at ending the counterfeit medicines crisis that kills thousands daily in Africa, India and elsewhere. As a Social Innovator he has been recognized with membership in the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Community and Global Agenda Councils. Bright, an Ashoka Fellow, is commited to the relentless championing of free-thinking, new perspectives and the overthrow of all unexamined dogma. As a devotee of social entrepreneurship, Bright is proud to have been elected a Tech Award Laureate in 2009 by the Tech Museum.

Ghana, Accra
Current organization:
IMANI - Ghana
Past organizations:
mPedigree, OhMyNews
Current role:
Chief Strategist
Areas of expertise:
social marketing, New Media, African Development, Sino-African Trends, Consumer Safety & Security
I am:
Activist, Blogger, Consultant, Idea generator, Inventor, Journalist, Marketer, Social entrepreneur, Startup, Writer/Editor
Ashoka, World Economic Forum
My website links:
IMANI - African Liberty, OhMyNews Column, mPedigree Network
TED conferences attended:
TED Fellows Retreat 2013, TED2009

TEDCRED 100+ TED FellowAssociateTEDx Organizer

More About Me

I'm passionate about

African transformation and global renewal, through a synthesis of tolerance for heresy and a commitment to the intellectual and emotional sacrifices required for the erection of a new humanism.

An idea worth spreading

A complete overhaul of cyberethics as part of an effort to make cybersecurity truly relevant. Too many young people are growing up today with the view that there are no rules concerning their conduct in cyberspace and associated peripheries. Relying exclusively on cybersecurity is tantamount to a bet against collective genius. If the number of those who 'know no law' continues to far outstrip that of those sensitised to the need to observe minimal restraints in cyberspace, then on account of the 'genius of the masses' theory alone, any hope of cybersecurity is doomed. We must begin the mainstreaming of a revamped cyberethics sooner rather than later.

Talk to me about

Social innovation from a 'critical enquiry' perspective, and Africa with a 'what's the latest' attitude.

People don't know that I'm good at

Mixing and matching film vignettes with meditative musical interludes.

My TED Story

I came I saw I believed.


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