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logger,driver,mechanic,sailor,designer,ootb thinker,injured persons advocate,global peace advocate,global consciousness advocate, and more,..music,arts,gardening,enviroment,ocean sciences, string theory,quantum mechanics,fractal geometry,design,

Canada, Powell River Bc

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justice,peace,equality,global consciousness

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we are still masters of our fate,we are still the captains of our souls[winston churchill]..."great things have small begginings"[sir francis drake]

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whatever..OOTB is best,..

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Justice, advocating for the weak and vulnerable,seeing things from a new POV,SOLUTIONS!!..especially them!!

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its a long one,,


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  • A comment on Talk: Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowdenâs TED Talk

    Mar 21 2014: Not bad, He covered what he could and was carefull with the language,It is a learning curve for us all and I think we all! do need to be aware of that.No "experts" here.Ten years ago conversations covered this in detail, and what we see here is a direct result of those conversations, with a ten year lag, and that is one of the very real problems with security and having an open and usable tool for legitimate users while at the same time policing the tool for abusers![of which there are many and some are pretty nasty types].I agree though, coms are important to us all, secure coms are the difference between us! having the ability to use this tool for good,for Justice and human rights, or having some persons gain "control" for their own[usually evil] purposes.It is a fine line and thatsa fact!,..Often the line between good and evil is thinner than a human hair,and,We seek a balance, and we are not there yet but we are nearing the top of the curve. re;"seek the facts"?. This was expressed as "the facts ma,am, just the facts", all those years ago, and it is encouraging to see! this in action, in real time[and not just for me],..There is a lot of media hoopla going around, often by those who don't understand what is at stake and how it is all in play, global!,and this confusion is not helping and is, in many cases, hindering the "evolution" of this tool and is, as he says here, "harming our neighbors" and by that I mean actual! neighbors not hypothetical ones.It is not some game for the victims, its reality! and if we don't take steps to protect the victims, then who will?..someone has to do the job/s,yes mistakes will happen, are happening! but overall, we are getting it done and from this "evolution" will come better,safer, more secure use for us all. And while I am here?, Welcome to my Province/town TED,Lets do! have a "conversation" some time?,perhaps about "connections" and how the world is changing on that level?..is too! and faster by the day:)
  • A comment on Talk: Michael Hansmeyer: Building unimaginable shapes

    Jul 27 2012: Fascinating,, shapes in nature?.. they scale up[or down] and almost always use some type of fractal geometry, and the numbers are astonishing!...take bones as mechanical structures, look at the shapes[similar to some here in fact?]..run the numbers[load,stress,elasticity,etc etc] and be! impressed!,..or aero dynamic shapes in birds,, or fish,,extremely efficent, least use of material and always!! super strong yet elastic at the same time,.. we have a lot to learn from nature,,the construction via laser is interesting,, but slow,and not very efficent[how much waste??,tons right?]..how about Nano??.nano in layers,..perhaps sprayed on!,..Nano liquids already exist,.self directed robotic "nozzles",..spraying nano materials,,in layers??..zero waste,..efficent,, and very low cost once the "constructor" is created,..just an idea,..it is encouraging to see this in architecture,, note the absense, or near? of straight lines?..and the, call it "fractality" of the shapes??.very much like what we see in nature,whether scaled up or down,.I think we are very close to something that is a wonder,..very! close,.. kewl talk Ted,, love it!!..
  • A comment on Talk: Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

    Jan 2 2012: yes,"only those who will risk going too far can possibly find our how far they can go"[T.S.Eliot],Going to that "edge",looking over,accepting what we see there,..it is a very spiritual thing,sometimes it is scary,sometimes humourous,and sometimes it is the lesson that we needed at exactly that time to take us to the higher level that,I think? we all aspire to,..I have spent many years being medically vulnerable, and was very fortunate to have mentors that were wiling to share their power with me so that I could survive that vulnerability, and, for me, thats the thing,, it was not and is not just a "me" thing,,,it is those connections I made, am making that are the food for my soul ,that allows me to grow into something new,wonderfull,and yes, still vulnerable, but thats ok too,,it is all part of the experience,no short cuts, no easy way,no blame or hatred,..just life as it is and making the most of that both for myself and for others,passing it on,letting others learn and grow,..there is a type of power in this I cant name, and at times have real trouble even describing, yet it is real,fullfilling,honest,This talk speaks to these things and judging by the hits and the comments, does so very well,,"Connections"..so very important,opening doors, building bridges,,for me? it is the human experience and cant be counted or numbered, it just "IS",.. so be it!..great talk,,,thanx!..ps,you/me/we are perfectly fine as we are, and dont let anyone tell you other wise, if its not happening for you??..look deeper, ask the questions[the 5 W,s],be brutally honest with yourself,your imperfections are not so rare after all,, are they??.and "vulnerabilities" can be turned into empowering tools,,"doorhandles" if you will allow the anology,me? I am always curious,,whats on the other side of that door,ya know, it is very rarely what I expect[so much for being an "oracle" sigh, so be it! ha ha]..love,honour,truth, the code of kings,
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    A comment on Talk: Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits

    Nov 27 2011: yes indeed, "if your life were a book"..we never really know what we can do until we climb over that wall and see what is on the other side,this story has so many parrallels to mine,We just never know what will be thrown in our paths and quite often and apperant obstacle can be turned into a ladder to higher things.Faith truly can move mountains, we have to believe!, and understand that it is not supposed to be "easy",I have never met this person who has it "easy".. have you??..the story about her legs sluicing down the mountains without her?? very funny!!,, I have had something similar..it happens,,pick em up and move on,, ha ha..to Quote Terry fox, again,"I just wish people would realise that anything is possible if you try",..aaand,, some more humour,, the best therapy,,,"we are on our last legs",.."we have one leg in the grave".."we only have one leg to stand on"[or no leg as the case may be]..if we can see the humour in any situation, then that will open the door to seeing the positives of that same situation,,and I cant agree with will smith,,,stories like this inspire others to reach for that star, no matter how far it seems out of reach at the moment,,it is the "reaching" that is food for the soul,, manna for ones psyche,..perhaps?? those who have been out to the edge and back can truly know where that edge is and what it truly represents,,good one TED!..more please..or,to quote Winston Churchill,"we are still masters of our fate,we are still Captains of our souls"..WE! decide,,

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