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Bhaskar Paladugu
Posted over 3 years ago
Graham Hill: Why I'm a weekday vegetarian
I defer with this opinion of humans evolving as a species, where Meat intake has increased humans cognitive functions. I want to present facts here. I am from India where you find most of the Vegetarians especially I want to speak about a state called 'Gujarat' with population over 60 Million. More than 90% of the population are strict vegetarians generations together as far as known history of mankind goes. Again this is one of the main centers of 'Indus Valley Civilization' and is seat of first metropolitan cities, which one can verify from archaeological records. When I mean strict vegetarians means No Fish, No Eggs. But they consume lots and lots of milk. So, how come one of the early perfect Human species sustained with current population of over 55 Million (If we consider adjacent states this number is over 100 million) without never eating meat in their whole gene hierarchy. We all do know protein (amino acids) components are basic building block of Genes. Now, lets see the scientific facts about proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks in proteins. They are of 2 types 1. Can be produced by flesh - Non essential intakes 2. Can not be produced by flesh - Essential intakes. The essential amino acids are found in plan family of Legumes and the most rich one being Soy. That's reason behind Soy products are viewed as replacement for Dairy and Meat products. This information is not hard to found, but they are never widely promoted and any person intelligent enough would figure out WHY. So, basically Historical human evolution records or the present scientific methods doesn't support Meat as essential menu of human evolution.
Bhaskar Paladugu
Posted almost 4 years ago
Are we living in the best time of human history or the worst time
Very interesting thread. I came across comments that history is full of inhumanity. But what history are we referring to here? Is it one which we have studied in schools, mostly of Europe up to industrial revolution and world after that as Europeans know. Do we really know history of Africa before colonization. Lets not forget : "History is written by winners". If we only pick western samples from history unfortunately its mostly inhuman and I lament for that. But if we travel much back than written history in to the cultures we will find most humane cultures where mere beasts were considered as family members what to speak about other humans and we will see account of kings treating subjects as own children. What freedom of speech are we talking about? Wake-up!! media is just an another profit making profession ( I offer my hearty obeisances to few genuine journalists). Democracy of one country should not be bane 2 others. UK and France are democracies long back, yet colonization kings. When technology and outreach was less - Greed of one Man affected small community. Now Greed of one Man can affect whole world - WoW !! What is the proof? Lets take Africa, known as land of hunger. Except Algeria, Libya, some parts of Sudan most of the land is cultivable and before colonization they had their ingenious techniques of crop growth and survival. Evidence : 1)Nile delta is one of the most fertile land. 2)Food grown in Ethiopia and many eastern African countries is exported to middle-east countries. 3)African land is grabbed from farmers by multinationals to grow Bio-Diesel crops, so that we can drive our Ferrari and speak about freedom of our speech. Its not that Africans are hunger from 100s of years, if so African would be an empty continent. Africans are not hunger by chance but by choice of Big powers. Hunger is their best control whip and WHO is icing over wounds. How come no WHO/UNESCO spokes person never talks on African Land Grab ?!! THINK..THINK
Bhaskar Paladugu
Posted almost 4 years ago
Josette Sheeran: Ending hunger now
One of those really useful talks on real necessities of humanity. The evidences completely smashes the ideology that we need complex strategies and sophisticated technologies to address world issues. I loved the way how adopting a simple technique and implementing it locally in small units yet large scale will yield massive progressive long lasting results.