Nikki Hodgdon

Valpairaso, Chile

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Nikki Hodgdon
Posted almost 4 years ago
Where do you live, and why?
I currently live in Valpairaso, Chile. I was living in New York City prior to this and before that in Wisconsin, my home state. I came to South America with the idea of traveling and learning something about the world, and ended up meeting someone here in Chile almost a year ago, and have stayed to be with him. Chile is amazing, but it is not the most environmentally aware place. When people use reusable bags it is to put their plastic bags inside of them. When people have a empty soda bottle they just drop on the street. And, this city is right on the ocean! Sometimes I get very angry, especially one time when I saw a man take the trash from his pocket and literally drop it right into the ocean. I sometimes want to say something because it is damaging for the whole world, but I dont see how I can change them, they will just dismiss me as a "crazy gringa." When Im in the grocery store and I hand the bagger my reusable bag I have to specifically tell them, "no bolsas de plasticos por favor!" (no plastic bags please) and sometimes they still use them for the fish (because they think the fish will smell bad without a plastic bag). I have to strongly insist. Dont even get me started on the ridiculous amount of Styrofoam! I spent about 3 months living in Cusco, Peru and there it was better. But, that is mostly since the people are so poor they cannot afford to buy the processed foods/drinks that people can here in Chile. But, if I could live anywhere, I would live in San Francisco. That city is so beautiful and environmentally conscience. If you have never been you need to go! I have also heard great things of Portland.