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Ative Gest
Salvador - Bahia, Brazil

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English, Portuguese, Spanish

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Planning & Coordination, Marketing / Branding, Advertising, Events, Account Management

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Pretty much everything, causa I am a passionate person. Show me the will and we'll find the way.

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Good Ideas, Spirituality and Soul search.

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking, Photograph and fashion.

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Patricia Guerra
Posted almost 4 years ago
LIVE CHAT With Adam Ostrow: What should happen to your digital identity after you die?
I agree with Shannan Think about. What happens if anybody's memories would not remain after we die ? Your existence would be somehow diminished or maybe not even be known. Why not leave behind pictures of great moments of laughter and joy ? Why would I want to be remembered by the way that I die ? Instead, isn't much better, and maybe wiser to be remembered by what I have lived for and all the things that I've done ?? This world is indeed a temporary endeavor, but it is a necessary path, otherwise we would not be here. And the experiences are temporary but your legacy and memories are forever.