John Van Steinburg

New River, AZ, United States

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John Van Steinburg
Posted almost 4 years ago
What would an atheist/multi-faith church look and feel like? I suggest a TEDx gathering!
I believe that whenever you have two or more people together discussing religion or politics it always stirs a debate of differeing views. I have been Catholic, Methodist and now Buddhist. To really come together in the most positive way, with a lasting benefit for all, I feel we must first prepare ourselves to bring to the forum our best self. I have found, through meditation, that we can individually replace hate, jealosy, anger and self cherising in ourselves with love, understanding, forgivness and a willingnes to help for the common good. Only when we get out of our own way will we be able to make a difference on our planet. Bringing people together physically on a regular basis will only work if they have the same expectations and mind set to create something better for the benefit of all.