Bakul Valambhiya (Mistry)

Rajkot, India

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Every one of us has a dream to realize so as to me, I always dare to dream and have perseverance to realize it.
In 1989 when I was studying at M.S. University of Baroda, I had a dream to create a multiservices organization, which can cater more then one service under one roof. And I started to gather bits and pieces to make it a reality. Almost after 14 years of relentless efforts, it formally took shape in 2006 as “FreemanKPO Consultants”.

FreemanKPO Consultants’ core philosophy is question based services, which reflects in our corporate slogan “What do you want to know today?” It is this specialty, which makes us a bit different from others. We encourage you to put your any question in front of us; and we will find out solution for it as soon as possible.

Taking up newer challenges and finding innovative solutions is our all time affair and it runs in the veins of FreemanKPO team. Our strength is our human resource in the form of in-house resource and a bunch of reliable consultants and vendors.

We do not have limited domains or predefined agenda on which we deliver certain services. But we constantly add up new capacity to handle more and more domains to deliver varied services for different aspect of ever-growing Business challenges and requirements.

Starting with Advertising & Designing; we have developed further capacity in Brand Management, TV Commercials & Radio Jingles’ Production, Corporate & Documentary Film Production, Animations & Multimedia Productions, Web Design & Development, Web Content Development, Customize Software Development, Innovative Marketing Tools Development, Business Development, Industrial design, Production line Development, Human resource Training.

In short ; expanding scope for more and more services under one roof is the core objective of FreemanKPO Consultants and we pledge to be the same in times to come!


Bakul Valambhiya,
FreemanKPO Consultants-Rajkot (Gujarat) India.

Areas of Expertise

Advrtising, Graphic Design, Web Design, Copy Writing, Marketing , Strategic Planning and Forecasting, Strategic planning and communications, Brain & Brands, Brainstorming ideas, Planning long term carrers for artists, Planning (urban, regional, rural development)

An idea worth spreading

Unlearn those things which you believe you learn best and wear off the Hats you wore for years like I am Engineer or Doctor and live like a freshly born child, an innocent who can enjoy everything without any worry or care and others too get happy with you!

Because biggest tragedy with humanity is that we can learn and wear certain Hats, but we are not able to wear of those Hats, result more confused and depressed we are. Why because so called education of world can never give you satisfaction and peace of heart since it increases your greed to grab more and more!

I'm passionate about

IDEA. Capable to imagine in terms of Creativity in Visual Communication, Writing, Audio Visual Communication, Science, Technology, Product Development.... You know in any direction which excite me

Talk to me about

Talk to me about any of your personal or business related questions, If I can harness any solution for you, will definitely do it for you.

People don't know I'm good at

Visual art, Writing, Fashion Consulting, Educational counseling, Counseling for patients of obsessive compulsion, Spiritual Teaching, Persuasion techniques development etc.

My TED story

I pleased to introduce myself as a Knowledge Process Outsourcing Firm C.E.O.

Today it is very challenging to get right business opportunity, right environment to develop it into a successful business with the right kind of people.

Our basic concern is to impart our knowledge expertise in different field of industry as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. Theoretical as well as practical whatever it is required.

We have a panel of experts to handle different questions into depth. They are capable of arriving with the most suitable & viable solutions. We have built upon the strength of knowledge in different industry and trade with investment of time, efforts and cent percent dedication. We are a team doers rather then book worms. Who have actually worked for the industry in which they are imparting expertise.

Our prime concern for our clients is cost saving without compromise on quality.

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Bakul Valambhiya (Mistry)
Posted over 1 year ago
What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?
In India, if you are a gifted creative individual, you are liability to your own family because here people want Doctor, Engineer and Scientist or Businessman in the family as their children and not creative. Sadly we Indians are very much concerned about earning money only. Due to this most of our great artists in Fine Art, Performing art are out of our country and recognised by world more then our own people!
Bakul Valambhiya (Mistry)
Posted over 2 years ago
Does Education teach us to memorize information, instead of understanding it, or is memorizing important for future use?
Yes exactly, at present the system of education in most part of the world propose to know more and more things and give very minor important to actually understanding the same subject. Knowing is the part of Memory, and present education teaches the same thing! Ironically no one is bothered about the understanding the subject with practical experience! The same question was pocking a nail in the back of my mind for so many years and to address this dilemma and help school and college student to redefine education and redefine innovations, I started an initiative at my home town Rajkot in Gujarat-INDIA. I insist that there should be an ideal education system right from primary education which balance memorizing as well as practical experience to understand different subject. Note: I have recently uploaded some video of mine which is prepared for "Resilience Creatives" just enter "Bakulvalambhiya1972" in the search bar of and check the videos and give me your comments. Thanks
Bakul Valambhiya (Mistry)
Posted over 2 years ago
should we close down a program /course in the university because there are less takers?
Sadly this is the reality of Indian Government. We will have to stop them as much as possible. Because very slowly and swiftly Govt. Wants to run away from the responsibility of keeping and upgrading Indian education so other private players enter in the vacant areas later. But reality across the western world and Europe is different and we definitely need to respect for their contribution and love for diverse education in many areas.