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yeshwanth pulijala
Posted over 2 years ago
Name ONE idea that you think has the potential to make your city/state/country/ 'our world' a better place?
For anything to happen, we have to first change ourselves. Being in a country like India, reading news 'bout our great politicians who are corrupt we tend to blame them , but lets remember that, we were the ones who voted for them and elected as our rulers. we ourselves encourage corruption. we pay more to impress some one, to get our works done at quick pace..we don't follow rules and we think its just 'once'..we take the wrong paths and support by saying that 'its normal..everyone does it..' this should change. THE ATTITUDE SHOULD CHANGE. If we can change ourselves, forget 'bout everything else, if we follow the right path, YES, WE CAN CHANGE OUR COUNTRY, AND OUR WORLD!