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Nina Bergman
Posted about 3 years ago
"WHY is the patient the most under-used resource in healthcare?? How did that happen?" (Follow-up to LIVE TED Conversation July 27)
I became an "E-patient" in the very early 90s, not knowing that I was doing so. Plagued by mis-diagnosis for a worsening neuro condition (looked like MS, but wasn't) drove me online where I was fortunate to have open access to all of Medline (via CompuServe where my old pal Dave deB and I first met). I still remember debating MedLine cites with the chief of neurology. He had space for a savvy patient to offer evidence, but not enough for me to actually be correct. He "bet" on the outcome of my MRI. He did not win that bet. Months later I finally got the referral to the infectious specialist I really needed to see. Today I am still dealing with neuro deficits that might not have happened otherwise. All of it left me an ardent advocate of patient ed and collaborative healing. I love it that Dave has now made so much headway with this cause. I also love that we are now seeing so many more open MDs in the Next Gen of physicians.