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Weatherford, TX, United States

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I am a Senior at Tarleton state University pursuing a BBA in Marketing and a minor in International Business. I am living and working in Gouda, Netherlands to finish up both University and a study on conflict and its effect on Globalization

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my Idea worth spreading is a better understanding of Globalization. I have read so many publications, papers, and definitions but none of them share a same thesis. i want to know what that thesis is, how does it effect us, and how will it effect the future.

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Business, management techniques, Marketing, Social media

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im am a member of Leukemia Lymphoma society, an amateur triathlete, and member and participant of USAT and NCHA.

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Devan Perks
Posted almost 4 years ago
Why does it seem that only the highly educated or the filthy rich are interested in socialism when in is a known failure on planet earth
I dont think the Rich and well educated are intersted in Socialism...the rich and well educated are in business and thrive on compitition. The politicians are leaning that way because they get money from donations and government. they dont thrive on the same competition the working class does. they see the benfits from Europe, and how it can work but they have know idea how to implement it.