Lori Blum-Fagien

Senior Executive Director of Preventive Healthcare and Wellness, Consultant - Health and Wellness
Delray Beach, FL, United States

About Lori


● Accomplished, energetic, business-savvy, detail and deadline oriented high-performing Sen Exec. 20+ years of print & digital publishing operations. Analytical thinker and decision maker. Experienced & proficient marketer/consultant within preventive healthcare, DOOH, spa/relaxation music, live music venues/restaurants, healthy body mind and wellness industry. Visionary-Enrepreneur for themed health wellness body mind cruise. Demonstrated extraordinary talent in educating, marketing consulting-branding products/services, staffing, training and development, budgeting.
●Award-winning sales executive with 20+ year’s marketing and sales experience. Providing expert advice to clients increasing their product sales within the music, electronics, automobile, and spirits industries.

●Chief Operation Officer and Chief Marketing Officer committed to cost-effective management and marketing of resources and quality performance.

●Innovative Merchandising Executive with proven ability to create, implement and execute highly profitable programs through marketing, training, and strategic affiliations as well as partner relationships.

●Entrepreneur-Visionary Operations Executive with 4+ year’s solid experience managing all levels of multiple projects including budgeting and creation of health and wellness digital out of home media alternatives inclusive of events within the cruise industry.
Contract Negotiation

●Signed and negotiated contracts for all major advertising clients.

●Signed and negotiated contracts for all major vendors reducing general overhead and COGS significantly.

Business Development
●Established and managed strategic partner relationships on a daily basis.
●Developed new marketing strategies increasing advertising customer base and subscribers annually. Turning publishing company into a multimillion dollar media entity.

Operations Management

●Managed day to day operations for publishing company.
●Managed all decision making related to advertising, marketing, circulation, distribution, and finance
National Association of Professional Women
Who's Who of America
Advisory Council of International Association of Jazz Educators
Advisory Board of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz
Advisory to the School of Advertising-University of Fla
Board Member for UF Alumni Magazine



Areas of Expertise

Publisher, Senior Level Marketing Director, Jazz and Spa Music, , Senior Publishing Director of Circulation and Retail, Marketing + Branding + Innovation, Marketing + Event Management, Health & Education, Health & Nutrition, parenting and character education

An idea worth spreading

Liked minds think alike. Create a theme cruise incorporating healthy body mind and wellness including the education of our healthy future. A better quality of life in our senior years through the understanding of opportunities in cutting edge medical break throughs and the utilization of adult stem cell storage.

I'm passionate about

Healthy Body Mind Wellness through preventive health and relaxation techniques including spa music.

Talk to me about

Marketing. Parenting-Humility, Inspiration, Success and Failures. Healthy Body, Mind & Wellness. Economic Crisis, Changes in balancing and managing finances in the public and private sector.

People don't know I'm good at

Creating, implementing and executing concepts from inception to the final product utilizing marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities connecting businesses of similar missions to succeed.

My TED story

Co-founder, COO and CMO at JAZZIZ Magazine, est in 1983, JAZZIZ was the first publication to insert a compact disc within their pages distributing the magazine to retail stores and subscribers around the world. My responsibilities included running the day to day operations along with balancing the business side of running a publishing empire . As CMO, seeking out other partnerships with major corporations. I was the creative marketing force behind the concepts involving events and marketing programs unheard of in the music industry until me. My concepts became the standard in the music publishing world. Other projects included cookbooks with companion CDs, recording labels, other publications in music and a live jazz music venue and restaurant until 2007 when I terminated my biz & personal partnership at JAZZIZ. Since 2007, I've co-founded & ventured into the health & wellness industry. Theme Cruises, Adult Stem Cells, Parenting; A new journey being happy, peaceful and healthy

Comments & conversations

Lori Blum-Fagien
Posted about 4 years ago
Should parents instill principles over rules through truth over harmony with our teens current social culture
Parents should be the ones setting the standards and utilizing their principals, not all parents make the best decisions but those who are educated should receive the respect from their children and value their wiseness and decisions based on their experiences. When children's attitude is overlooked because their aptitude is good, that in itself is a problem. Yes truth can be stretched but when we allow our children to lower the bar of our standards to keep "the harmoney" or peace in our household, then when has the parenting stopped and we've become their friends instead of their mentors as parents even if they don't like the outcome we should inspire our children as that is our biggest job as being parents.
Lori Blum-Fagien
Posted about 4 years ago
Is your quality of life important to you through preventive health
It's not about creating new organs, it about using your own adult stem cells to repair your tissues and organs freeing them of disease. Remaining healthy is not a guarantee you won't get a debilitating disease where your stem cells could help you by not irradicating the disease but by reversing and slowing down the process as Ive witnesses through stem cell treatments for neurological diseases being done currently like Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease