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CEO, education zone

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• Energetic, open minded and enthusiastic
• Professional, positive attitude
• Excellent people skills, friendly and tactful manner
• Solid work ethics- dependable, punctual and honest

• Runs own business and lead staff that would aspire to make it a successful organisation
• A good manager with an open door policy, keeping staff motivated, stimulated with high morale
• Excellent teaching and training skills- a quick learner and thinker who can pass the information on clearly and can teach student how to think not what to think.
• Extremely competent computer skills
• Practical, resourceful problem solving skills, efficient delegater
• Excellent time management and planning skills
• Organised and accurate, can work under extreme pressure to deliver quality work
• Contract writing and negotiation skills
I enjoy stimulating and challenging work that calls on a diversity of skills. I enjoy change and using innovative ideas to improve systems and service. I welcome opportunities to enhance my career advice proficiencies and help the employers identify gaps in professional competencies of staff.
Also I have a distinct love for writing, my blog is read by all my student followers and I am an active social media user.
English, Arabic, Farsi and French
• Date of Birth: 11th January 1956
• Nationality: Bahrain
• Marital Status: Married with three children
Managing Director- Ingenious, New Zealand (Revenue not known yet could be of Dh3.5 million).( 2006- Present) The business specialises in recruitment of teachers for the gulf region.
Adjunct Lecturer- Middlesex university of Dubai- January 2008- present
Managing Director- Education Zone fz,llc, Dubai (Revenue of Dh2.5 million).( 2003- Present) Knowledge village based. The business specialises in academic services, student evaluation and career advice. The business is made up of 10 employees and has affiliations to more than 1500 universities, institutes of technology and English schools. The company deals with groups of universities in 6 countries and coordinates the marketing activities of each group. The company also publishes educational magazines, and participates in workshops and education exhibitions around the Arab Gulf region.
Adjunct Teacher- Higher Colleges of Technology- DWC- 2005-2006
Faculty Finance and Planning Manager (revenue of $50 million)- Waikato Institute of Technology (full time), Hamilton, New Zealand, 2000-2002, and a part time Lecturer of Advanced Management Accounting (year three of the programme)- Department of Business Studies- Waikato Institute of Technology- 2002.
Tutor and Research Assistant- The University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1998-1999 ( this job was taken up whilst studying for my Masters degree at the University of Auckland)
Head of Project Accounts(project costs $1.2 billion) – Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd- Dubai- 1997-1998 (Responsible for capital budgeting, expansion projects financing, contracts and sub-contractor reports and daily reporting on progress of the various projects that Dubal was involved with at the time such as Falcon)
Head of Financial Accounts (total asset value of more than $2 billion, and turnover of over $800 million) – Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd- Dubai- 1995-1997 (Responsible for accounts Payable department, General Ledger and hedging sections. Also responsible for year-end audit, auditor liaison, accounting policies and procedures. Established easy to prepare raw material, work in progress and finished goods accounting methodologies and year end conversion to actual procedures). During my term in Dubal I was the main trainer for Finance for non-finance manager’s course.
Various accounting jobs – Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd, Dubai, 1981-1995
International Affairs officer- Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Bahrain, 1977-1981

Available on request

Reading, writing, swimming and walking


Arabic, English, French, Persian

Areas of Expertise

Speaker, Trainer

An idea worth spreading

Kids need to know what is out there and they can decide if they want to learn about it or not. the kids have to decide if that is their path or not. the schools should be full of good teachers and many psychologists who can mentor the kids and test them to check their aptitudes and put in front of them the various paths available and let them choose.

I'm passionate about

Education and how kids should learn, and what they could learn. i have a research project running for my PHD to prove that liberality in education is a good thing, and that kids should choose


Univresity of Auckland

Talk to me about

my idea is worth spreading, the world need real people who really have interest in saving the children and letting them know what is out there. the kids are little human beings and should have rights

People don't know I'm good at

Really good at writing, and at pushing people to do what is best for them without malice, without thinking of benefiting out of them. of course i have to live too, 4 hours a day is used for charity

My TED story

do not have a story, however i am sad that i can provide so much to society, and at 55 still i am not able to spread my ideas.

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Suad Alhalwachi
Posted about 1 year ago
Amanda Palmer: The art of asking
I did say the talk is inspirational and we all must learn, i only criticized one thing. some people stick to the negative side of every comment (of course that includes me). also we are educating the world, we must find ingenious ways rather than ways that anyone can think off.
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Suad Alhalwachi
Posted about 1 year ago
Amanda Palmer: The art of asking
There is nothing wrong in asking, I do it all the time. but I don't have to strip to do it. sorry. the talk is inspirational but i think us women should stop thinking that we are sex objects
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Suad Alhalwachi
Posted about 1 year ago
Human rights world-wide
I don't have any idea on how to make the world a just place. I am merely putting forward the idea, and we all need to find out ways to combat the deficiency and put it right.
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Suad Alhalwachi
Posted about 1 year ago
Human rights world-wide
There is saying in Arabic which could translate literally to "those who do not have will not give", so those that live in places where human basic rights are provided, may not believe or even perceive that some countries deny basic rights to its people. Of course I don't mean here that its only governments that need to respect human rights, iI mean any one of us should respect human rights. The right to eat, drink, speak, earn, work, learn, good health, have water and electricity, and so one are not provided in certain areas and certain countries. Why should people in India for example live in the slumps, and why people in Africa suffer from aids? when natural resources are plenty, and are taken by a few in those countries. Why countries that have oil also have poor people? mal distribution of wealth is the main reason for denying human rights.