Kevin Giovanetto

Consultant, Giovanetto Inc.
Tremont, IL, United States

About Kevin


Have created engaging, innovative marketing approaches for a range of diverse markets including energy, Internet, manufacturing, and professional services.

Drove the development of mission-critical Internet software for two Fortune 100 companies. Specific projects included concepting and implementing the first content management and online auction systems for Caterpillar Inc.

Concepted and authored "Giant Steps," a series of books that chronicled the enterprise rollout and ongoing progress of Caterpillar 6 Sigma. The books helped engage Caterpillar employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers in embracing 6 Sigma as a way to drive business efficiencies.

Concepted and authored "Adventures in Business," a series of books that captured the transformation of the role and range of the Office of the CFO at Caterpillar Inc., a transformation that led to a significant reorganization of the company.

Worked with a wide range of professional services companies to develop workshops, forums, and seminars to promote teamwork, sales, and professional development.

Developed MAST, an original marketing framework for analyzing company cultures. MAST—an acronym for Meaning, Action, Structure, and Truth—guides the development of strategies to implement enterprise level change.

Areas of Expertise

Creative and Innovation, Writing - Book, Feature, Series, Facilitation of groups, Web & Design

An idea worth spreading

MAST—Meaning, Action, Structure, Truth: In every culture there are things we believe (Meaning), things we do (Action), things we don't do (Structure) and things we know (Truth). In religious and non-religious belief systems, Meaning tends to drive everything else. In business, Truth or the bottom line tends to drive everything else. In governments, Structure or law tends to drive everything else. In science, Truth or the current paradigm tends to drive everything else. But we are people who weave in and out of many roles in our lives. We grow in all of these areas, and I believe it's the balance that makes life wonderful.

I'm passionate about

I want to be a bridge in my life, a person who helps people who don't see eye-to-eye learn how to accept and understand each other as fellow travelers on this little blue dot in space.

Talk to me about

Talk to me about ideas.

My TED story

I've been following TED since I first heard of the organization. I think that was back in the '90s. I love the concept of sharing ideas, and in the Internet age ideas are more important than ever.

Comments & conversations

Kevin Giovanetto
Posted about 4 years ago
WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.
Terry, I appreciate your comments very much. Perhaps I can agree with Mackey in part. Certainly, if all of us had something productive we could in the world and earn enough to support ourselves and our families, poverty would end, and I believe that would be better than just supplying food or just supplying money. But capitalism by itself isn't the engine of change. People are.
Kevin Giovanetto
Posted about 4 years ago
WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.
In many ways, I have already completed my personal bucket list. I have done more things in my life than I ever expected to. So most of my remaining items are passive, but they are still real for me. 1) Live long enough to see the end of war. (Probably means I would have to live a very long time, but I do believe that war as a way of solving problems will disappear if humanity continues to grow in understanding.) 2) Reach the end of my life without taking the life of another. (Yes, if I found myself in a position where the lives of others depended on my swift and unequivocal action, I would take down someone who thought because he held a gun in his hand he could kill indiscriminately. I would do that in a heartbeat.) 3) See my sons and their loves and their children carry on the memes that bode well for a future where love, in its many forms, continues to break down the artificial barriers human beings construct to pretend that we are not one family. (Whether we have God as one father or biology as one mother, some day we have to realize that we are they.) 4) Participate in some small way to change the paradigm of human survival. (I fully understand survival of the elitist, but I would rather we human beings could see ourselves in a mirror that includes the most broken and disadvantaged.) 5) Write that book or sing that song or make that movie or paint that picture that is within me. (Our fleeting perceptions are so powerful. They are the sparks that live beyond our own lifetimes. They set fire to new ideas, new possibilities, new understandings. If only we could capture them in a word or a sentence or a lost chord or a splatter of paint on a canvas.)