Seun Owolabi

Co-Founder, Grappleline Technologies
Lagos, Nigeria

About Seun


I am Currently a Student at Covenant University, Nigeria. I am currently working on the Grappleline Project, an enterprise we are building to empower solutions by creatively utilizing Technology. I keep a personal blog at



Areas of Expertise

Research, Website Design, Strategy execution

An idea worth spreading

Restoring the moral fiber that has been eroded from the World

I'm passionate about

How technology improves the quality of lives and empowers people to become solution providers especially in the African context


covenant university

Talk to me about

Everything that has the potential to change the World positively and preserve our Godly cultures

People don't know I'm good at

Thinking creatively

Comments & conversations

Seun Owolabi
Posted almost 4 years ago
Is humanitarianism really helping out the poor people?
Foreign countries and the United Nations have spent Billions of dollars on foreign aid and the so-called "Charity" in African countries. Not much has changed. When the people are empowered to become innovative solution providers, they will solve their community's problems. Its as simple as that. Don't give a man fish; teach him how to fish.
Seun Owolabi
Posted almost 4 years ago
What is the value of gaining a higher education?
The educational system we're running over here is still the CPF system (Cram, Pass and Forget) system. Until there is a critical overhaul in the educational system, there is really not much value in gaining a higher education, besides the opportunity to network... but there will forever be value in EDUCATING YOURSELF!
Seun Owolabi
Posted almost 4 years ago
What are a few things your country could learn from other countries?
Nigeria could learn how to utilize it's Knowledge potential... and not just rely upon its natural resources. They could learn from the likes of India, how they can even export their know-how, and make it a viable income model. They could learn the unlimited benefits of providing food for itself, exploring its agricultural potential... and not importing billions of dollars worth of food every day. We could learn a lot from other countries!