Randy W Horton

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New Orleans, LA, United States

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My casual version: Recently returned from 15 years of living and working in the Middle East. I was with a Motorola Company Selling and Marketing communication infrastructure to governments of the region. Loved it and could write a mini series about the time.


Just getting back to the USA way of life and am not totally aware of who is who some times. So advanced apologies to anyone I may not give glory to that is deserving. Also, just found out about TED 48 hours ago and have yet to proof read my data entered onto my profile.



An idea worth spreading

"Time and money spent in helping people to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving."
Henry Ford

I'm passionate about

treating my fellow man better than I wish to be treated and improving human life through technology. Take time to smile.

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Making things happen! Ideas are a dime a dozen implementation it the key.

People don't know I'm good at

(PEOPLE IN THE USA DON'T KNOW), That I can turn around the worst situation on the fly and in a scale that change nations.

My TED story

I Grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee in the midst of country music stars. I spent my summers traveling around the USA selling business opportunities aside my Dad a pro of the same. Graduated high school at 17 and left for the Army stationed a year near Carmel Valley, CA. Left the army in a year started college, went on spring break to Southern California to work closing contracts and sells in the Telecom industry. I over excelled didn't make it back to school.
Lived and worked in California for a few years then decided to work abroad. Payed a lady in Pomona to write the resume to capture my desire marketed myself was gone in 5 days abroad, spent 15 years away in the center of royalty marketing to Ministers and diplomats. Became the one and only American to become a part of a royal family. Enjoyed it been back in USA a couple years and am ready for my final ha-raw, (3years to 50). I am feeling 18 and headed your way folks!

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