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Bill Beluch
Posted over 3 years ago
Should artists, creatives and TEDsters run for local office?
Mr Hopkins, I understand your sentiments concerning illegal immigrants - it is indeed disconcerting to know that as medicare coverage is likely to decrease for American citizens, more and more illegal immigrants pour into the country, further diffusing the available funding. However, I don't think you give the article posted a fair chance. The statistics it provides should instill the idea that the problem with these programs is not with the immigrants, it is with the programs themselves. In order for government funded healthcare to work, even in one program such as medicare, taxes need to be high. Healthcare is expensive, and as more and more of the population gets older, and problems such as metabolic syndrome become more prevalent, it will only get more expensive. Moreover, due to the rising amount of elderly people living longer, the money required for Medicare and social security is not obtained through the taxes American citizens pay. I understand your frustration at having payed taxes your whole life, only for the government to be talking about cuts to these programs. But the point is, illegal immigrants represent such a small percent of the total funds, that these programs would be failing with or without their presence. The problem is the program design itself, not the immigrants. As for programs such as welfare, I agree - simply paying money to these people, forcing them to live check by check, is not a long term solution. However, the social programs necessary to help these people support themselves are not in place, and likely will never receive the funding they need to be in place.