Andrew Harrison

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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Andrew Harrison
Posted almost 4 years ago
If you woke up today and money ceased to exist, what is the first thing you would do? Why?
Wow! I'm 29, a high school teacher in Oz, and someone who knows far too much about educational debt (20g's+ initially, but slowly whittled down to about 11 ) and hoping the best for my students' futures. I wish I had more kids like you in my class Jerell. I sincerely mean that. I experience far too many young adults who feel disillusioned by the circumstances that they grow up in, focus too much on the negatives of life / school / peer pressure etc... and give up on the amazing experiences that the future holds. To be honest, i found the whole concept of school pretty tough (i don't think i could explain to you succinctly enough how i ended up being a teacher!), but there is an amazing life waiting for you. The only requirement is that you embrace it.