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Gary Finnegan
Posted about 4 years ago
Live TED Conversation on Polio Eradication: Join TED Speaker Bruce Aylward on July 21st at 4.30-6.30 pm Central European Time
Indeed Rotary has done a lot - which I hadn't realised until I watched Bruce's talk. I recently published an interview on this very subject I'm not a Rotarian but can see they do great - often unseen - work in this area So, if money is the limiting factor, where should we look for the cash? Is it wealthy (albeit heavily-indebted) Western governments who need to do more or are you looking to the private sector and private individuals? What about companies who make vaccines? I know they've done a lot but can they do more? (Disclosure: I work on a website funded by some of these companies but ask this question wearing my 'concerned citizen' hat)