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Parag Mahale
Posted almost 2 years ago
Myshkin Ingawale: A blood test without bleeding
What is the sensitivity and specificity of this test? How this test performs as compared to simple copper sulphate test to detect anemia? I have worked as a medical officer at a PHC in rural Maharashtra. The norm is to prescribe Fe and FA tablets to all pregnant women, because Fe deficiency to some extent definitely happens in pregnant women, more so in places like rural Maharashtra. So I personally don't see the utility of this device.
Parag Mahale
Posted over 2 years ago
Live TED Conversation on Polio Eradication: Join TED Speaker Bruce Aylward on July 21st at 4.30-6.30 pm Central European Time
Hi Bruce, I heard your talk on TED an it was quite inspiring. I am a physician from India and studying epidemiology in the US. I have worked in the field and taken part in pulse polio immunization drives for many years. It feels so good to see that after so many years of hard work by all those concerned in this project, the end seems to be near. According to my experience, the three most important things towards achieving this goal are: 1) Education and awareness: This according to me is most important. While conducting door-to-door immunization, I encountered many people who had misconceptions about the vaccine (Like the vaccine may make their child impotent, etc). Many people who were educated and knew that it was a live attenuated vaccine thought that it might give their child the disease instead of preventing it. Sporadic incidences of vaccine failures have not helped as well. I think more effort should be done towards educating the people, so that they will themselves come forward to get their children immunized. The right kind of education should be imparted to the right kind of people, like uneducated people should be explained in a different way than the educated masses. 2) Maintenance of cold chain: If the cold chain is not maintained in the field, there is no use of all the awareness campaigns or spending millions of dollars on outreach activities. The field workers should be made aware of the importance of maintaining the cold chain. Again, from my experience as a field supervisor, I had encountered instances when the vaccine was not viable (as detected by the indicator) and was still present in the stock. Strict supervision is necessary. 3) Governments should take the right initiatives and make polio as a priority. Many of the countries became polio free after governments decided that they want to eradicate this disease. Lack of government initiatives in african countries is one of the main reasons why polio still exists in Africa.