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Bogota, Colombia

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Daniel Stiefken
Posted almost 3 years ago
Is intelligent design science and should it be taught in public schools?
Why should someone be required to demonstrate that something doesn't exist ? The burden of the proof relays on whoever is affirming that something exist. Or can I say now that gremlins are having a huge party all over Bogota and it is your problem to demonstrate that they are not? While you do it (if you can at all-you may perfectly not be able to demonstrate that something so absurd is not true-) is it true? But even if we have to look for evidence, look att the world objectively:all evidence indicates that there's no creator, designer, god or however you want to call it, but that this is rather a random evolutionary process where there is no justice, fairness or perfection . The strong ones survive and the weak ones dissapear and thats all. Just read tomorrow's newspapers.