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Masters of Science 1980-85, teacher (secondary-upper secondary) 1985-2011, concept developer 2011-?, lectures/workshops 2007-

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2013

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creative thinking, learning design

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Growth mindset - lateral thinking - soulfunk bass - ice hockey

People don't know I'm good at

...playing bass...ball games...

My TED story

TEDxNorrköping has emerged from a group of people involved in the organization of The 13th International Conference on Thinking in Norrköping 2007. A conference with about 1300 participants from more than 30 countries.Through these conferences I met Bengt Lennartsson who also had discovered the fantastic source of good talks that were available through TED. I had also participated at the first TEDxStockholm in 2009 so we discussed if TEDx could be something for our hometown Norrköping. Bengt applied for a licence and we started planning our theme: Creativity and motivation. A theme connected to our mutual interest towards understanding of and support for learning processes..