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adam hart
Posted about 3 years ago
What are the most important cultural trends influencing our future behavior
Similar to Matt Lane's comment; the corporation and institution are developing outside of societal control. The cultural trend of blindly trusting corporations - especially when fronted by a nice ad campaign (viral or traditional) is leading many people to decisions, based not on developing their independence or standard of life, but rather on feeding the corporation. I am fascinated to see what impact the handing over of further social powers to corporations (not having to answer to the whole of society) is going to have globally? We currently have a situation where very smart organisations are improving the image of tobacco among young east africans to increase consumption - having funded programmes for their govts., where corporations in US are free to undermine the ability of families to live in a home they own and stay there even during difficult times in their personal finance. We have govts across Europe being blinded by corporate promises and led to ignore the needs and expectations of their citizens in favour of financial organisations. The list is scarily huge & impressively divisive - I've just highlighted a couple of broad problematic areas. Sadly as ever, the majority are absolutely happy to remain ignorant to the effort they might have to make to enjoy a better balance of corporate and social life. Sadly mass media, as well as political and religious, message stays resolutely pro-corporations, encouraging individuals to invest more and more of themselves in improving the living standards of a few corporate leaders / owners... Even at a high personal cost to their own personal freedoms and standard of living. In the future, as we do with dustbowl mentality of the 20's, commentators will ask 'how were people so eager to give so much up to the corporations?' or 'why was their no questioning of Wal-Mart, Google or Citi's collection of personal data, mis-use of funds, etc...'. Because no one today has time to investigate - there's too much junk on TV.