Clelio de Paula

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

About Clelio


English, Portuguese, Spanish

TED Conference

TEDActive 2012

Areas of Expertise

UX, Web Services, Mobility, Social Network

An idea worth spreading

People wants to help each other, always. We just have to make this happen. We, technologists, have the obligation to create new friendly services to help people connect with each other and try to solve our problems.

I'm passionate about

services, photography, mobility, urban areas, user experience, design

Talk to me about

prototyping, design, UX, services

People don't know I'm good at

connecting people.

My TED story

I discovered TED in 2010, when I watched one video named "birds on wires", that's touched me so strong. So I decided look for more videos like this and now whole muy family and friends knows and have a habit to watch, learn and spread good ideas.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Clelio de Paula
Posted about 3 years ago
Eduardo Paes: The 4 commandments of cities Jaime Lerner introduced on TED a bus rapid system designed to Curitiba - ParanĂ¡, Brazil, and he used to be mayor of this city. Politician or no, spread good ideas.