Erol Toksoy

Istanbul, Turkey

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I work as a copywriter in advertising field.


English, Turkish

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Wriiting/Editing, Wriiting - Blogs, articles, writing - books & films - commercial & creative

An idea worth spreading

The system that takes us to moon also will make earth as rocky as moon someday.

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Politics, technology and web

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Palestinian Conflict, Industrial Revolution, Bosna war, censorship, child abuse, drug trafficking, Russian oligarchs, enron, over used sugar in fast food recipes, tobacco companies.

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My TED story

TED videos inspire me and I don't feel all alone in terms of caring about what is really going on.

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Erol Toksoy
Posted almost 2 years ago
About Theism-Atheism: why is it assumed that these two "Poles" cover the whole question? What about the alternatives.?
It is because of our old-school horizontal-integral approach. we are all alikes so we must be created in the sameway and by same creator. I believe people will overcome this prejudices and start to think vertically in near future. As each individual develops unique approaches to concepts than we will have the real enlighment of humankind. see? Even I approached horizontally myself...
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Erol Toksoy
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is happiness? Is it an important human value or just overrated? Many readily sacrifice it for sufficiency and contentment. Is this ok?
from last to first... no it is not ok for me. If I sacrifice something in return of anything else its'not happiness, just adjustment. so in this case if you give away your happines for sufficiency or contentment you must be fooling yourself. yes it is overrated. actually the image of hapiiness is overrated. having a house with a pool, pretty wife and two healthy kids while driving a suv and 5figure salary, going to vacations abroad. this is an overrated cliche. for me true happines is the gut feeling that you experience when you make somebodyelse happy.