Hesham Salama

CEO, FootSteps
Cairo, Egypt

About Hesham


Hesham Salama

Hesham Salama is one of Footsteps’ founders and managing partners.
Hesham specializes in training Multinational corporations and English
speaking organizations.

Coming from a globally diversified corporate giant, Hesham has
considerable experience with in-house Training and profound presentation,
sales management and negotiation skills with vendors and customers.

Owning his first private business at the age of 23, Hesham was capable of
directing his employees with outstanding efficiency. Using his new
management principles in retail, Hesham lead his business to success for 5
consecutive years.

Hesham also worked in a training organization promoting Steven Covey and
Ken Blanchard. In addition he worked as a leading sales figure in Cisco
Systems, Inc.

With vast experience gained from multinational giants, Hesham’s personal
business and domestic organizational skills give him the lead to facilitate and
connect with all different types of people.

Now running his own Training Company, Hesham is once again leading the
business and the market with a new methodology in training using
experience from the finest in the world and his own. He is also certified and
supported by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and
recognized for his current management skills and experience in facilitation of
Management Training.

Hesham also gets invited to be a speaker in large speaking events within multinationals, in the areas of communication,creativity, and innovation.

Taking initiatives in change and how the community and individuals deal with Change Hesham launched a change initiative in Egypt post revolution. In order to give back to the community by insuring that people understand the concept of change.

Areas of Expertise

Human Development, Talent's Management, Leadership, Motivation, , Change & Leadership development, Creativity & Innovation

An idea worth spreading


Start innovating stop procrastinating

A new initiative that will come out very soon for the entire world to start synergy, collaborating, brainstorming together for a better world.

I'm passionate about

Human Development

Comments & conversations

Hesham Salama
Posted almost 4 years ago
Start Innovating Stop Procrastinating
Lets share our ideas, lets change for once and help each other. Its a big world with similar circumstances. If its business, human development, crisis situations, Employment issues. How can we do it ?