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Niek Pelzer
Posted almost 4 years ago
Why don't people believe in God?
There are too many reasons why i dont believe in god. The first reason is that there is so much scientific proof for evolution that the idea of a god that created the world in 6 days is just rediculous. There is also much scientific proof that the earth doenst exist for 6000 years but for more then 4 bilion years. Also the idea that homosexuals choose for their sexuals orientation is scientific wrong. Every scientist know that the sexual orientation of people begins when they arent born yet. Also a reason for me to not believe in god is that the normal American believes for like 95 % in god but the top of their scientist just for 7% and in the UK even less, 3%. Intelligence correlates positives with less dogmatich believe in god. For people who still in doubt, read the book from Richard dawkins god's delusion. He describes so many reasons why the existence of god is not very likely. Cheers, Niek