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Regina Sk, Canada

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Amy Prokopetz
Posted almost 4 years ago
What are 10 things YOU know to be true?
OkAy decided to make a list ... As per suggestion do so before looking at others. Here it goes .... 1. Words are a weapon and a tool. They can kill people's spirit or save it. 2. Having the courage to change, changes everything. 3. Greater possibilities exist than we can envision in our own minds. 4. Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous. 5. Relationships are mirrors to ourselves. 6. One need not be born royal to become a princess. 7. Stubbornness/persistence is a blessed curse. 8. Everything has an opposite, living fast is finding the extremes, living well is finding the balance. 9. Our physical state parallels our spiritual. 10. Reality is  funnier an more unbelievable than fiction.