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Hao Pham
Posted about 3 years ago
Is globalization the biggest danger to third world cultures and their heritage or is that just an overstatement ?
What you mean is that the globalization helps people to exchange their knowledge to other countries from around the word. It did help people have chance to open their mind and taught them the way to develop/explore the world. Your idea might be appreciated. However, I don’t get along with it. When the foreign countries came to a country to exchange knowledge, they also sent their teachers into the school over there as the language teachers. That was the way that they took our money away. Besides that, while they were teaching the students, they would notice some talented students to give them the chance to study abroad in their countries. For example, the Vietnamese students were studying in the United State. We thought that those were good opportunities for our students to study and came back to help/develop Vietnam, but it was the brain drain for our country. After the Vietnamese students graduated and if they were smart, the government would pay a good price to keep them to stay and work. How could they refuse that valuable invitation? Especially, when these students studied some subjects that didn’t develop in Vietnam, did you think that they would come back to develop their country or not. If yes, could they earn the salary as much as the US gave them or even just enough to live? In conclusion, even though the globalization did obviously help people exchange knowledge, they also took our invaluable investments such as talented students. Therefore, I thought that the globalization caused really bad effects on many countries.