Thurein Maung Maung

Singapore, Singapore

About Thurein


Firstly, to be able to understand what I am, I would like to share what I did in past period after my high school life.
I started attending the University of Computer Science since 1997 September 22.
Before this, within my vacation time after my High School Period, I did as a Study Guide for High School Students.
Starting from that time I already got the highlighted income which was more than enough in Myanmar for the one to survive. But when I attended to the university, I was shake how should I continued my life. Should I continue my work as a part time study guide or should I change my career to computer field. This gave me headache most of my time in first year of university life. Anyway, I did interest on Programming Languages and Software Development Life cycle and so study hard on that field event which some were not included in University Course Syllabus.
When I reached to Second Year of University at late 1998, as some of my former study guide student joined to First Year of University, I was asked to share my knowledge of SDLC, SE and Programming to them. I did my best in sharing of what I know and I haven't noticed that lead me to establish the own business in near future.
Luckily, I got friend who was also sharing her knowledge to junior students.
Then we cooperated (after the university we marriage) and tried to establish the Programming Teaching Center (Guiding Star) and later transformed to Software Development also.
Most of the thing we did in that period was to teach the programming languages and assisting the research and giving the advices on project team.
When ICT park was establish by Government of Myanmar in Mandalay, we reallocate our business to that place and able to extend our business to be well recognized Software Development Group in the region. But it last for just a short period because the country is suffered electricity shortage and most of the business tended don’t want to rely on Computerized System cause of such difficulty.
Anyway even though there was not too much potential customers, our business was located in Government established ICT park, the situation was not too worst for us.
We could do research, training and some outsourcing tasks.
At 2009 February, Mandalay ICT park where our company located was burnt down by fire. Even though we tried to survive our business in other area, there suffer unreliable electricity supply, a lot of overhead cost and unfair contribution of government support.
Then we migrate to Singapore and try to struggle our new life here.