Elizabeth Gu

Bundang/seongnam, South Korea

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Chinese, English, Korean

An idea worth spreading

working on it.

I'm passionate about

Educational philosophy, humanism, psychology, and literature.

People don't know I'm good at

Coming up with new ideas--especially when I am moved by someone's speech or impressive movies or novels that contain ingenious stories.

My TED story

At first, I just watched many videos and read people's comments in order to study English. However, as time went by, I've been captivated by this TED site. Thesedays, I visit TED in order to quench my THIRST.

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Elizabeth Gu
Posted about 1 year ago
Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self
There's a quite different way of viewing this phenomenon. When you realize you've made a bad decision, which you don't seem to appreciate now, there’s a chance that you can make it right—not by changing the past but transforming yourself through unexpected experiences. What matters may not be about me making a smart and right decision at every moment of my life, but me making it right, and wonderful in the long run, Mistakes help form our lives and even take us to where we couldn't have imagined. We learn from regrets. We can either let them bring us down or let them make us insightful. And we would give lecture on our sons and daughters, which they would not listen. That's called life ;) Still, Life is full of surprises. We’re always too young to know what’s really gonna happen to us.
Elizabeth Gu
Posted over 1 year ago
What is art? And why should we care what it is?
Art still can be 'art' to the ones who claim to have no such thing as an artistic sense—no boundaries are needed. I am way far from being an artist, but considering the fact that I, just like others, get impressed by songs, drawings, and fashion—certainly in the category of “artistic work” to people like me, who’ve only been ‘educated’ to define ‘art’ at least in that way(?) encourages me to be more open to “art”. Art frees our minds. And what really matters is being honest to oneself—let that awkward, clumsy way of expressions, which, you might think, is hard to be considered as “art” yet, be freed.
Elizabeth Gu
Posted over 1 year ago
How has a TED Talk affected your life?
I'm with you, Saulo. I totally get what you mean by that. Ted certainly has enabled me to interact with others in a better, awesome way. ---taught me what it really means to think outside the box.