Elizabeth Barry

Women in Business Council
Hoboken, NJ, United States

About Elizabeth


Elizabeth Barry is a marketing and branding guru. She founded the very first strategic marketing firm for dance and the first email magazine for dance, but has now found herself running a strategic marketing firm for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She also runs Artistpreneurs.com which publishes a weekly email called "The Muse" - meant to inspire and connect artists in business across the world.

Elizabeth can be found listening to TED talks and she is very active within her community, including chairing the Women in Business Council of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce. Her mentors range from marketing gurus to spiritual leaders including Seth Godin, Donald Trump, Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Jobs, Robin Sharma and Wayne Dyer.

Elizabeth is passionate about life, love and nature. She lives every day to its fullest and enjoys the little things and moments in life. She is proud to host the very first TEDxHoboken event in June of 2013.

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2012

Areas of Expertise

Branding, Marketing

An idea worth spreading

Smiling and being nice to people. There aren't enough individuals in this world who take the time to breathe, relax and enjoy life's little moments. So I think if we concentrated more on smiling and enjoying moments, we can develop into a generally nicer place to be and live.

I'm passionate about

health and wellness


UMass, Amherst

Talk to me about

marketing and branding
animal activists
health and wellness

People don't know I'm good at

I'm great with children and one of the most nurturing women I know.

My TED story

I have an interesting story of my involvement. I've watched TED talks since I can remember being an entrepreneur. One day I was on the phone giving free advice to a non profit. They had a board member on the phone. I didn't know him but hung up afterwards and told my assistant. I don't mind giving free advice once in a while, but I want to work with THAT guy instead. Not less than 20 minutes later, "that guy" googled me and called me to ask him to help curate the first TEDxGotham event. I was then involved in TEDxGotham for 2 successful years. After my influx of marketing events and Chamber of Commerce inclusion within the town of Hoboken, I decided to head to TEDActive in 2012 and shortly thereafter, the license for TEDxHoboken was born and "Infinite Horizons" is now on its way. I am so impressed, inspired and motivated by the team I have created and I love my job to curate this event. I hope that everyone involved enjoys what we are planning in 2013 and through the year leading up.