Vashti Horvat

Director, Titus
Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Vashti


Resourceful and results-oriented Audit and Compliance Professional offering extensive experience in analyzing, testing, and documenting ERP systems, processes, policies, and procedures. Excel at clarifying intricate technical solutions for business users that facilitate successful implementations. Self-directed leader who can work effectively with cross-functional teams; and cultivate strong relationships with all levels of management and key stakeholders. Committed to adding value and exceeding expectations through creative idea generation, collaborative problem solving, intuitive business judgment, and by providing superior customer service.

• Strategic Planning • ITGCs & Application Controls • ERP Software
• Project Management • Risk Management • Enterprise Architecture
• Internal Controls • Compliance Audits • Process Flows
• Sarbanes-Oxley • Security Audits • Needs Assessment
• Systems Development • Budget & Cost Control

Audit, BCP, COBIT, Compliance, COSO, Data Analytics/Mining, DR, E-Commerce, ERP, GLBA, GRC, HIPAA, ICFR (SOX), IFRS, ISO/IEC 27002, ITAF, ITGC, ITIL, PCI/PII, Project Management, Risk, SDLC, Security and Six Sigma.

Areas of Expertise

Auditor - Management systems, CobiT, Compliance and Ethics, Data Acquision & Analysis, Six Sigma, SOX404, SDLC , SAP, IT & Business Management, PCI DSS

An idea worth spreading

It takes two seconds to CARE ( usage: feel concern or interest; attach importance to something, to care about humanity). Every action has a reaction or impact on a person's life.



Talk to me about

Audit & Compliance with a focus on IT environments.

People don't know I'm good at

Solving puzzles.

My TED story

In 2007, I was in a potential life ending car accident. I was a passenger in a vehicle that had just left DFW airport en route to my home. My home was only nine minutes away from the airport.

Afterwards, I realized that my life trajectory had changed forever. It was a wake-up call from the universe to not only live life to the fullest, but to pay attention to everything…

In my day-to-day life, I see firsthand the positive ripple effect of being my authentic self, being genuine, the impact of caring about others, and the gift of learning from every person you encounter (whether good or bad). One day, I hope to be a TED speaker to share my insight on “it takes two seconds to CARE.”

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Vashti Horvat
Posted about 2 years ago
Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability
Brene Brown was mentioned on a talk show (SiriusXM) that I was listening to this morning. This talk is great and I wish it was longer. Section 16:20 was interesting because it mentioned how you cannot just numb (emotions/feelings) sections of your life. The pretending/perfection comments were spot-on. Hopefully, more people will strive to be authentic/real in their lives.
Vashti Horvat
Posted almost 4 years ago
Is it possible to screen patients for their own obstacles to wellness?
Is it possible? Yes, anything is possible. This idea is akin to artificial intelligence for the Health & Wellness industry. People are like snowflakes - no two are 100% alike - so the solution would have to be customizable and highly adaptable to the changing needs of the body. I agree with Nick Edward regarding "human genome mapping."