Ali Farzanehfar

Student, Oxford Brookes University
Southampton, U.k, United Kingdom

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I'm Ali. Born in Tehran. Now the best description I've heard about Tehran, I mean Tehran as I experienced it, was that it's a "Grey, smoggy, lego city with flat roofs and dapples of color speckled out randomly.". I like or I should say liked watching Sitcoms while having noodles and I like it when people use words like 'Brobdingnagian' when telling stories in everyday conversations. I like strange stuff. Stuff that are mysterious.



An idea worth spreading

That in order to reach a goal, and by reach I mean really get there, not close to it but actually achieving it, you have to have fun as well as work really hard. I think, as far as experience, if you work hard then you'll probably get to where you want but if haven't had fun then you've probably wasted your time.

I'm passionate about

Mathematics. I like math but the thing I'm most passionate about is probably physics and particle physics. Music too, classical but the good ones not the ones where you get a headache after 10 minutes

Talk to me about

Physics, Philosophy and not the complicated stuff, and well anything else really

People don't know I'm good at

Now it wouldn't be something people don't know if it were here now would it?

My TED story

Ain't got one. I got introduced to TED through Brookes University, they showed us a talk about happiness and a few weeks ago and this means summer of 2011, I started too look up talks about AI which I was researching at the time and just starting listening to everything else that seemed interesting..So here I am.

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Ali Farzanehfar
Posted about 2 years ago
Neil MacGregor: 2600 years of history in one object
It's not the authenticity of all the events described in the scripture that are questioned, but the interpretations that readers have of them. For example, the fact that Cyrus conquered babylon isn't questioned, but whether Marduk or Jehovah made him do so is.
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Ali Farzanehfar
Posted over 2 years ago
Well, let me put it this way. Almost everyone on the planet knows they will die some day, but they rarely think that day is today. Ok so if people think they're not going to die today, everyday, then doesn't that mean that most of us are already living our lives as if we won't die?
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Ali Farzanehfar
Posted over 2 years ago
Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive
General evolution, the idea pursued here might be able to fill the gaps in how we emerged. There are too many unknowns, to me at least, but if his idea works then we will have a much better understanding of how life started to emerge from 'dead' , if it doesn't work...well I think people won't stop doing stuff like this.