Lisa Van Gemert

American Mensa
Arlington, TX, United States

About Lisa


I'm a former school teacher and administrator who now works for Mensa developing programs and resources for gifted kids around the world. I also train teachers how to effectively teach the gifted. I have degrees in English (B.A.), and Education (M.Ed.), and I speak four languages besides English very badly. My English is great. I am married to an Aussie who loves TED talks as much as I do. We have three sons and live in Texas.

Areas of Expertise

Gifted and Talented Children, Gifted and Talented Education, Teacher development

An idea worth spreading

The gifted are gifted all day long and all their lives. There is no way to effectively teach the gifted until we accept that their ability to approach curriculum in school is just as challenging as it is for those at the other end of the ability spectrum. If we continue to let standardized testing dictate teaching, we will create standardized learners, and that is not what education, or TED is about. We can train teachers, even those who aren't gifted themselves, to recognize and nuture giftedness so that high ability learners will become life-long, internally motivated learners with a global view who see their intelligence as a gift they must keep giving, not a commodity to trade for a job.

I'm passionate about

Gifted kids, fabulous teaching, strong thinking, and books.

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anything....everything interests me

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