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Mumbai, India

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ishan shah
Posted about 4 years ago
What is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?
Hi, a good teacher is the one who gives you knowledge regarding a particular field, teach you the tricks of the trade he has mastered. (His will help you a lot in that field, be it academics or arts, martial arts etc. But a great teacher is the onw who, apart from imparting the above knowledge, pushes youforward,teaches you to be independent, level headed, humble, strategic, analytic, calculative,imbibe values and ethics etc. To cut a long story short, a great teacher goes out of the way to impart things other than mere education that enable a person to not only achieve the ultimate success in life but also to become a better human being in life. When you remember a good teacher you think, " he taught me what I know today" whereas, when you remember a great teacher, you think, " He made me What I am today". I had a teacher like this when I was in ix and x grade and still idolize him and now, 6 years later, fresh out of college, I have started as a teacher myself...