Tara Liloia

Isle La Motte, VT, United States

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Tara Liloia
Posted almost 4 years ago
"I don't try to be right, I choose to be happy" ... wait, what?
Vignette from a Marriage Me: I lent you my SD card, can I have it back, please? Husband: No, I gave that back to you. Me: I don't think so. I remember lending it to you on our trip. Can you look for it? Husband: (Showing me the empty SD slot in his laptop) See? It isn't here. I don't have it. I gave it back to you. *** Here, I was right. I lent him the card, he didn't return it. I could have pursued the issue and we would have fought. I didn't. By saying he returned the card, my husband is indicating that he has no idea where it actually is. Getting him to admit that he lost the card doesn't bring it back. I bought a new SD card. I also made a mental note to never lend my husband an SD card with five weeks worth of vacation photos on it ever again. I was right, but I chose to be happy instead. This is exactly the daily trivial stuff that comprises the bickering of a typical marriage. When you let some of it go, the relationship gets mired down much less frequently. This is what I take Ric to mean.