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Prostějov, Czech Republic

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Green beans and cream sauce is not a good combination.

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my pe nis

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deadlines. Oh wait... don't.

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making up things that i'm good at.

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I discovered TED when my friend told me, that she spent whole day procrastinating and watching TED talks. I told her off. "You are so irresponsible," i said, "i'm not going to cover up for you." ... The other day I did the same. And I have been doing it since. TED changed my life. Now I have less time for work.

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Marek Petrik
Posted over 3 years ago
Stefon Harris: There are no mistakes on the bandstand
Someone said: "If you play one wrong note, it is a mistake. If you play two, it's jazz." But there are no wrong notes. There are 12 notes in chromatic scale. How can you decide, which one of them is wrong, when you can create music with every one. And what about quarter-tones in microtonal scales, used in Raga? Music is so abstract form of art, that then you feel it, it is right. And you are always right about your feeling.