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Oakland, CA, United States

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I am designer here in Oakland. I have the coolest little family and we work hard to make life better for each other. I've been designing and consulting with some really amazing people over the last 16 years and I'm still learning every day. I really believe in sharing ideas and I am currently actively inspiring a few young creatives who, like me, have found their place in this world...for now.

An idea worth spreading

True, everyone's different. So take time to understand the differences. Now then, let us all take even more time to teach, live, talk, work, and share life with one another...differently.

I'm passionate about

My wife and family. I'm also a Christian who actually understands the Bible and what Jesus and God really were up to. So when opportunities arise, I like to learn about others, and share.

Talk to me about

...why we can't talk to each other about ___________ openly and honestly.

People don't know I'm good at

...telling stories. My stories. Real life stories. Fun stories.

My TED story

A good friend connected me with a new friend who needed help with a small project for TED. I had known about TED and when I got the opportunity to assist her team, I was thrilled. At the conclusion of the project, my new friend asked what I was onto next. I shared, " A Documentary about how people came into their creative profession". She said, "Would you like to present at TEDx?" "Yeah!" I replied. So I journeyed to NYC, took the stage, connected with the audience, met some great people, and left inspired to go further.

Comments & conversations

Corwin Stone
Posted over 3 years ago
Should creativity be encouraged or discouraged?
Encourage. As a parent of a 6 and 7 year old, I often times have to find the balance between allowing their inventive imaginations to flow, while keeping them grounded in reality. For example, my son told me he wants to shrink down to ant size like in Ant Bully. I remind him that currently, technology is not advanced enough for such activities, however you could be one of those who create such possibilities. That said...the Ant Bully is a cartoon...not real. Additionally, I did not know my learning style until I was 35. Upon learning how I, well, learn, it revealed many of the reasons for my poor interactions with my Math instructors over the years. They were teaching me in ways that suited them...not me (or any one else who's learning style differed from theirs). Thus I was constantly in poor standing with my instructors. I love Ken's story about the girl who had nothing wrong with her..."She's a dancer". Understand first, then teach.