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Auckland, New Zealand

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Anna Forsyth
Posted about 4 years ago
How do you deal with data deluge (too much email, too many tweets, etc.)?
Hi everyone. Something that helps for me is I have a three-tray system or three-label system in the case of emails and links: To Action Hold To Read First thing in the morning when I have my coffee, I allow myself a block of time for reading and "mucking around" where I can sift through all the stuff I am personally interested in keeping up to date with. Twitter is not so easy to do this with though so suggestions on this one are appreciated. One thing I do with Twitter though that does help is I have a separate account for my two major interests - Technology/Writing and then Music. This allows me to not only have that type of information in one feed but also the convos. I work on research projects and I love information, so being distracted is also a huge issue for me as well. I find getting this big amount of reading out of my system before I crank into my projects really helps. Then I am free to focus my research process. There is a great little BETA app called Scrible I am using at the moment, with a toolbar that allows me to annotate and highlight webpages and then save that version to an organised and tagged system. I recommend it for anyone who does web research regularly. Only thing is because it's BETA at the moment, there is not a lot of memory yet and I use it a lot! Thanks for all the suggestions here, they are all helpful.