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Helsinki, Finland

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7+ years of software entrepreneurship, agile methods, huge Ruby on Rails projects, real-time web and highly scalable architectures. Now CEO at Flowdock.

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Otto Hilska
Posted about 3 years ago
How do you deal with data deluge (too much email, too many tweets, etc.)?
I've been thinking about this issue a lot, since I actually founded a company to solve the problem: We aggregate everything that might be somehow relevant to a team's shared inbox. It might be tweets, emails, wiki edits, project management tool notifications ("someone added a feature request") or anything. That inbox is combined with the team's group chat, so the team can discuss any of the items in real time, and kind of show what's important. If something doesn't catch anyone's attention, it's usually ignored for good. Such an intense use case also requires some way of tagging relevant pieces of content for later use. We use #hashtags for that purpose, so you're able to tag an email as a #feature request, or add a tweet to your own ToDo list. That way categorizing the stream of information is done by everyone in the team, and it's a very light-weight process.