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La Puente, CA, United States

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snowboarding, Special Events, Social Smoothing, Destruction

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Being a productive, caring, successful person and enjoying life for as long as possible.

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Business - Economics - Food - Law - "Extreme" Sports - Eccentricity - Social Solutions - Entrepreneurship - DIY movement - Life Hacks - Music - The Unknown

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There is a reason people don't know these things. I don't want them to know!

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Rhett Torres
Posted about 4 years ago
How do you deal with data deluge (too much email, too many tweets, etc.)?
One of the biggest problems is the expectation people now have of you to stay informed. Before news was able to travel the world quickly, no one could be blamed for learning of the end of a war months after the fact. As more information became available at quicker speeds, people with access to the information appeared to have a certain edge over others. Now, we have taken this to an extreme, where information is not just the news of the day, but also what our friends are having for breakfast. Each tweet is sent with a certain amount of expectation that most or all friends might have a peek. When I began to turn myself off to twitter, I began to hear things like, "I tweeted that, didn't you read it?" and "I thought you knew about those changes, we tweeted them yesterday." Where do we find the line between what we need to know and what we can delete when important information sneaks its way into the convoluted and superfluous ocean of junk tweets?