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Mill Valley, CA, United States

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John Reynolds
Posted almost 2 years ago
How can we, as a nation of do-gooders and bureaucrats, best solve the problem of high unemployment among returning veterans?
Many companies (mostly big ones) publicize a veteran hiring preference. Too few meet that promise. The job market is still bad, but that doesn't explain the gap between vets and non-vets in the same age group. Your second point applies only to companies that don't understand the value of veterans' experience, hiring for aptitude and training for skills. This requires a longer view, but has huge payoffs for patient employers. As for government programs, I should have said "well funded" [bureaucrats] to emphasize that we're throwing public resources (such as the one you cite) at this problem. Governmental efforts, however, are not taken seriously by vets. That's because those who administer programs, well meaning as they are, don't have private sector experience. As for financial incentives, it's the big companies that tend to take advantage of them. Small businesses -- those that will do most of the hiring -- aren't swayed by incentives.