Wanvipa Phanumat

Bangkok, Thailand

About Wanvipa


I got my Bachelor Degree in English Literature before shifting to pursue my study in Tourism area. I am currently dealing with my PhD research about Sustainable Tourism in Thailand. However, most of my time are consumed by either traveling or volunteer activities which I enjoy both a lot :D


English, Thai

An idea worth spreading

I believe everything is inter-connected and everything counts. Whatever things happen in this world inevitably affect something. So, whatever I do is going to change the world either better or worse. So, I am trying my best to provide the positive impact from every choice that I make in life.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about traveling. I see travel as a mean to learn about the world. I love being exposed to the new things with blank mind, that way I can absorb anything well :D

Talk to me about

sustainable tourism, sustainability, traveling, volunteer, dogs, books, and everything else in between :D

People don't know I'm good at

Handicraft stuffs especially paper arts; I can spend the whole day do the scrapbook, paper marche, collages, and et cetera.