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Somerville, MA, United States

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Matias Gary
Posted about 4 years ago
Another Groundshifting Opportunity - Can we make Education free?
Education IS free : it's called the internet. It is a limitless resource of facts, opinions, and content, and it's constantly growing. Already you can google just about, anything, and get at least a result--if not satisfying information. As technology becomes more and more efficient, and as new generations grow more and more tech-savvy, the internet can only become a better spreader of knowledge. Institutionalized education is seriously passe; it has to fall apart soon. There's simply no need for it! After obtaining a very basic skill-set that allows you to learn on your own and function in society (maybe first grade), then school is nothing but unnecessary and even detrimental to a person's acquisition of knowledge. Everything you ever learned in college, high school, and prior is available--and much more. Besides, let's face the competency of the vast majority of teachers.."Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching." As for great lessons, influential teachers, and unique learning experiences, there may be no substitute, but really, isn't it ideal to take in information from various and as many sources as possible, and then come to your own conclusion on something? But, if you had a great time in high school and you sat through every class hanging onto your teacher's every word, and all those words really meant something and you had a great learning experience, then by all means object .