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Danil Shchegolev
Posted about 4 years ago
Optogenetics and Bio-luminescence
Well considering that the rest of the brain would not be largely affected by the added light, there should be very little or no side effects. Also, is there much reason for finding a more efficient way of applying light to these modified craniums other than optic fibers? Because in any case the light would have to be used in special therapies only, and it would be difficult to isolate a certain wavelength that is so rare in nature that it would not randomly appear and interact with these photoreceptive neurons. And if they are used in isolated sessions, invasive adjustments are unnecessary for the most part. I suppose that in some extreme cases there could be some way of reconstructing human membranes and skulls to let in certain wavelengths more than others, in the way that water columns filter out certain wavelengths and allow many deep-sea aquatic creatures to take advantage of the lack of certain colors. Aerogel, or clear aluminae seem to be excellent space-age materials to take on such a job, being both extremely tough and largely see-through, but I'm sure there are many more materials which could be far more well-suited, I just don't know of many. Obviously, this is a pretty simple and head-on approach to such a problem, but I hardly think it's necessary in the first place so its use would be quite rare.