Christopher Dukes

Business Process Manager, Gordon Food Service
Rockford, MI, United States

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English, German

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Busines Management, Strategy & Execution, Technological Innovation, eBusiness, Process Management, budget management, Facilitate collaborative exchanges- business strategy & social p


Kalamazoo College

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Christopher Dukes
Posted about 4 years ago
How do you foster a culture of creativity and innovation?
Innovation and/or creativity in business is an interesting dichotomy. While day to day activities within every business is critical to the operation and ultimate success of that organization, so is identifying opportunities and being able to be "ahead of the curve". These two activities each take a specific thought process. Innovation in business is yet another activity that is at the polar opposite with day to day operations, but is somewhat more in line with identifying opportunities. My point is that it is extremely difficult to perform in both of these capacities and is not a common trait in most people. In addition, many organizations target "innovation centers" when looking to reduce expense or to become more efficient. It is a slippery slope for any organization - just when the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and market share is introduced (such as in a down economy) the pressure to control costs and become more efficient is greatest.