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San Carlos, CA, United States

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Sean King
Posted about 4 years ago
Do you think that misunderstanding is the greatest issue of all?
I do believe misunderstanding is at the core of MANY issues, and tied closely with many others. Misunderstanding leads to fear and hate. I don't think misunderstanding can be solved. The more we enlighten ourselves, the less misunderstandings we will have, but to eliminate all misunderstandings would mean we were omniscient, which doesn't seem very plausible. While we cannot eliminate misunderstanding completely, I believe we can teach ourselves and others how to live peacefully without fully understanding each other. It requires a degree of selflessness. If people stop thinking in terms of "I vs. world" or "U.S.A. vs. world," and start thinking in terms of "we the world vs. problems," then discussions will replace battles. But back to how to solve misunderstanding---I think the general trend of society is to become more enlightened which gradually diminishes misunderstanding, so I think time is one answer, but obviously we should be looking for more practical answers. Unfortunately I do not know the answer...