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Nagpur, India

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Hi Every One My Name I Muhammed Ayaz And I Am Here At TED To Explore My Self. Ever Since I Took Computer Engg As My Lone Profession I Agreed 2 Dedicate My Career Towards Technology And Computer Science And That's What TED Is All About Isn't it!!!! I Am Still A Kid Pursuing Education From A Well Known Institute Here In Nagpur,India!!!

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Thinking & dreaming

An idea worth spreading

What U Do Is What You Get!!! Try To Think A Little Bit About This Phrase!!! Its Applicable To Every Field No Matter What!!!!

I'm passionate about

Everything That I Need 2 Learn From!!! I Mean Its Not That If You Are A Tech Geek Internet,Magazines,Gadgets Are The Only Sources For You!!! Movies,T.V And A Couple Of Other Stuffs Are r Available!!

Talk to me about

Technology,Poverty,Bullying,Injustice And Anything You Like!!!!

People don't know I'm good at

Thinking,Talking,Sense Of Humor Nd ???

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Ayaz Muhammed
Posted about 3 years ago
Can fictional superheroes provide positive role models in children’s lives?
First Of All Thanks A Lot For Bringing Such A Wonderful Thought To All Of Us!!! I Would Like To Comment That Still Being A Teenager I Think Such Stuff Needs A Lot More Effort So That Children Have Huge Impacts On Their Mind!!! As You Must Be Aware Nowadays Cartoons Like Chin Chan And Ben 10 Have Gained So Much Popularity That Its Hard For Parents To Switch On Their Children's From That To This!!! My Answer Would Be Something Between Yes And No Although Its A Bravo Idea But Some Magic Is Needed!!! Assalamwaalikum!!!